Website Audit

You need a website if…

(can you answer these questions?)

​Is your website showing it’s age? Hopelessly out of date? Are you still running Flash? Does music play when someone clicks on your site? If yes to any of these questions – contact us now – you need a Website Audit.

Audits bring to mind broken eyeglasses, pocket protectors and geeky nerds. That’s so not us. We use the term audit to mean taking a look at your current site and making recommendations for improvement. We work with you to determine if you need a new website or can we modify the existing site.

Is it just a matter of tweaking the branding and adding some new content? Is adding a blog something that would work well for your content marketing? Is the design so outdated that just starting at the beginning will be less expensive in the long run?

Number 1 reason potential customers leave your website – it’s not user friendly. They can’t find what they are looking for. How easy is your website to navigate? How many clicks are needed to get to your services or products? Do the links to go new places make sense? Do the links work?

SEO compatibility 
Is your content representing your keywords? Are you images titled to tell Google what the photos are? Is it readable?

Styles Current 
Are your photos from this era? Does your photos on your site date you? Are the clothes in your photos current fashions? Do the headshots of the company principles look as though they just graduated from high school or they up to date? Do they look like driver’s license photos or are they relate able? ?</p>

Clear Call to Action
Are you driving your potential customers to an action? What are they supposed to actually DO? A call to action that is not clearly defined will mean potential customers are leaving your site in droves – without doing anything. Without doing anything means no sales and no new prospects.

Consistency in branding, message, tone – Are you speaking in the same voice across all your media? Are your company colors pinks and teals from the 80’s? Is it current or does it look like your grandmother’s company? Maybe it is your grandmother’s company but it can look current and modern.

Does your website speak to today’s issues. Does your content make sense? Does the content clearly define what your company does or is your client guessing at what you do?

 Content out of date
Does your copyright read 2006? Does the site talk about technology that is outdated or show photos of equipment that is no longer available? When was the last time you updated those tired testimonials? Is your last blog post from 2013? All of these mean a website that is not maintained which could mean to potential customers that you are out of business. Are you out of business online?

Competitive Analysis
What are your competitors doing that’s new and updated? Or are they? Will you have a leg up on your competitors by updating your website?

Mobile Responsiveness 
Over 80% of online traffic is now through mobile devices – smartphones or tablets. Does your website scale effectively? Would an app be better for your company to work in conjunction with your website? Do all the menus and links work on all devices – not everyone has an IPhone.

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