Ignite Marketing Process



Step 1

During our initial Exploratory phase, Ignite Marketing will learn all about your business and your target market. We will identity the absolute best way to reach that target market and convert them to customers and sales. This step is important to allow us to deep dive into your business and define what is important to your business and why.

We also want to work within your own personal “why?” Every small business has a “why.” Why we do what we do. Why are business is important. What differentiates us in the marketplace? Why do people want to work with us? Don’t know the answers to these questions? We will help you answer these questions and more.


Step 2

As part of the creative process but before the website is into production, a content map will be supplied. Either Ignite Marketing will create the content or the content will be supplied via the content map needs by you –  the client. Content generation will be determined during the proposal process.

Content is so critical to the success of the timeliness of the site that website production will not begin until either the Content Map is approved (if Ignite Marketing is supplying the content) or the content is submitted in full. We do use and awesome and amazing program called Content Snare to help through the content process if you are supplying the content.



Step 3

Once we have your content in hand – either provided by you or provided by us, we will start to work on the planning and creation of the site. We liken it to building a house… once you know that you want to build a house, and you’ve decided what you need in the house, then you get a floor plan. This is exactly what you will get in a website design – a floor plan. This is the basic structure of the site, broken down by segments and individual parts.

This steps helps us identify what will be in your website and a general idea of where it will go. We “design on the fly” which means that we will start building a basic design and structure for the site. You will see your branding start to take shape and the layout/theme of the site.  Depending upon the scope of your site, it can be just a home page sub page and contact page or it can identify various other pages. Upon approval of the design, your website will go into production.


Step 4

This is where the magic happens – site build. All the pieces come together to form a website. The website will not be accessible during this time but rest assured, work is commencing. This phase can take anywhere from one week to several months depending upon the complexity of the site.



Step 5

Now the website is able to be viewed in real time and we start to see what, if anything, needs to be tweaked. We delve into every page and make sure the content is correct and all words are spelled correctly. We test every element before releasing it to phase 1 testing.

During Phase 1 testing, you will actually see and use your site before making the site live on the internet. Any corrections will be completed and then site is ready for launch. Site will be launched upon written approval by the client.


Step 6

And we’re off! Site is launched then double checked again for any links that didn’t populate or any errors that may occur. We allow a full 48 hours for a site to populate. Typically this is done outside of business hours especially if we are transitioning from an older website to a newer one. At this point, tell all your customers about your wonderful new site! Announce it on all social media and send an email blast. The more customers that use your site, the more your profits will soar!

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