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Questions We Are Asked Most Often

What do you need to get started?

The willingness to work on your branding and the willingness to pay for it.

Do you handle hosting?

We can either host your site for you or we can help you find a hosting company. There are many different types of hosting companies with different options. We can help you make informed decisions on what is best for your company.

Why do I need a website?

If you are a small company or solopreneur it is more crucial than ever to have an online presence. A dedicated website provides authenticity to a business. It allows potential clients to see who you are and how you operated. A website works for you around the clock – even when you are in a meeting or sleeping!

But I have a Facebook page. Why do I need a website?

There are actually several reasons for this but the short answer is “because.”

Because you are at Facebook’s mercy and they can and do change the rules all the time. Overnight your Facebook page can disappear and where will you be?

Facebook is great for relationship building and for social connection. Facebook just drastically changed the algorithms on all the small businesses  that operate on Facebook. Did you get caught short? Most people forget Facebook is a business and its goal is to make money. How Facebook makes money is through the ads and boosted posts they sell. They say their goal is “engagement” and that is true but ultimately it’s about Facebook’s bottom line – as it is for all social media.

Finally,  one of the reasons to have an actual website is to validate and authenticate your company. A bit of effort is involved in a website and a bit of expense. A Facebook page is essentially free. Any “fly by night” company that is here today, gone tomorrow can create one. Therefore the perception that a company with a website has is that it is a “real” company and I’m comfortable giving that company my money. They will deliver what they say they will. (Not 100% accurate but it’s perception that is mattering here!)

Why should I hire someone to build my site when I can build my own?

Yes, you can build your own with a “rent-a-site” and there are some good ones out there. A couple of reasons these may not be your best option.

1 – Investing in a professionally designed website is an expense a “grown up business” makes that is part of their marketing budget. It’s an investment in money and time. Investing in your own, professionally designed website shows the world you are a real business and you treat your business as such – you are serious and in the business to make money for the long haul.

2 – With a website from a builder, typically your business does not own the site – the builder company owns your site. You are renting space and renting a platform from them. So, if you decide you want to leave or change or the website company goes out of business, your site disappears. You don’t own your site. All the hard work and the time spent writing content goes away as does your content. Just like leasing a car, you have nothing when the website is gone.

3 – You are limited to what the builder site offers. The website builders have come up in the quality of what they offer in the past few years however you are still limited by only what they provide. It’s great you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or website designer to build one, but you have very few options and you can not add functionality but what they offer.

In general, I’d rather see a company have a website builder presence than only a Facebook page to represent their business – falling under the “it’s better than nothing” category. Before making the time commitment to build your own, contact us to for an estimate – you may find it’s not thousands of dollars and would be so worth it to let someone else deal with it!

Will my website be mobile friendly?

All of our websites are responsive – which means they will work across all platforms – PC, Mac, Phones, Tablets and even Smart Watches. Keep in mind the sites are mobile friendly, which is different than a stand alone app.

Who owns the site?

You do! You own the site, the content, the graphics – everything! Always ask this question when comparing companies – for many of the “do it yourself” companies, once you leave the company – the site goes away. With it goes all your hard work, your time, your content, etc. Make sure you OWN it!

How long will the process take?

Most websites can be built and completed in 4-6 weeks at the most – and many times in a lot less time. The time frame depends on the designer schedule (what is in front of you.) Honestly though – the timeframe mainly depends on YOU – the client. Most of the time website builders wait for the client to provide any materials they are committed to providing – content – photos, logos, etc. Sometimes you just may not know yet the answer to a question – especially if you do not have a firm branding plan in place.

I just redid my website about 4 years ago - why do I need a new one?

You may not need a complete new one. Many times, content can be repurposed – just maybe updated a bit and content many times is the costly part of a website. Just like fashion, websites have trends and “what’s in style.” You want your customers to know they are dealing with a company that stays current and on top of their industry. A current website will reflect that idea – that your business is on top of the industry trends.

How can I tell I need a new website?

If you have photos on the site that are outdated – equipment or products you no longer carry. If your dates are not current (including the site copyright date.) Take our Website Audit Quiz and it will give you a good indication if you need a new site.

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Our Raving Fans!

  • Hitting a home-run is not always guaranteed when an individual steps up to the plate.Though the desire is great, scoring can be challenging. Thank goodness, we didn't have to rely on our skills to knock it out-of-the-box when achieving the perfect look and feel for our company website. Working with Ignite Marketing proved positive that you can take an idea from your heart to their creativity and know that you have a winning site. Feedback has been incredible! Thank you Lori for your patience and assistance during this awesome time.

    Cynthia Harper
    Cynthia Harper 5M Purpose Journey
  • Lori Lyons is great to work with… she has proven to be a valued collaborative creative partner, is responsive and sensitive to deadlines, and is a perfectionist in the best way.

    Susie Shina
    Susie Shina Atlanta Communities / Realtor
  • After leasing website space for two years and becoming frustrated I finally decided it was time to invest in my own website for my business.  Lori Lyons with Ignite Marketing came highly recommended from several women in a networking organization I belong to.  From our very first conversation I was impressed with how easy going and approachable Lori is to work with.  She really tuned into what I was saying and was able to deliver the whole package in a short amount of time.  I only had to choose colors and answer whether I liked logo designs. She took care of everything. Thanks to Lori I now have a beautiful website for my business that is professional and that I am proud of!

    Leslie Welch
    Leslie Welch Divorce and Life Coach
  • We are so pleased with our new site designed by Ignite Marketing. They took our old, sad Website Builder site with over 250 products on it and organized the site and products, making it easier to navigate for our customers. Our customers are liking that they can now find great information on our site and helps make their jobs easier. For us - it was a great customer experience.

    David Farmery
    David Farmery Owner
  • Ignite Marketing updated my website. I had not updated the website in years. Lori made it easy for me to update and refresh my site. She listened to my needs and wants for the site and provided the perfect solution. It was simple, easy and has upgraded my Children's Center image.

    Tracy Lefebvre
    Tracy Lefebvre Owner
  • Lori Lyons is smart, patient, talented and all around fabulous to work with. She's extremely knowledgeable, works fast, efficiently and listened attentively to exactly what I wanted and executed it with perfection in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend her!

    Aurea McGarry
    Aurea McGarry Speaker/Coach
  • "In addition to being a very sweet lady, Lori Lyons has great talent as a web designer. She came up with new professional and creative ways to connect with customers and display information about our irrigation business. Thank you Lori!"

    Jim Butler
    Jim Butler Sprinkalawn
  • “Lori Lyons and Ignite Marketing are the bomb!!  Not only did she create a beautiful website for me, but she has continued to update and improve the ongoing impact we are having.  She brings professional expertise, incite and creativity into everything she provides us!”

    Jackie Martin
    Jackie Martin CEO A Matter of Motivation
  • "Lori Lyons at Ignite Marketing has been such a pleasure to work with.  I needed to have her redo my website after initially using someone on Fiverr.  The original site was a waste of time and money.  Lori jumped right in and built a site that is not only functional but is set up to grow as we need to.  I'm so glad we met and you definitely want Lori to work on your next project!"

    Shaun St. Hill
    Shaun St. Hill Tech & Main, Principle
  • "Lori just completed my self-branding website,, and I could not be more pleased!   I have had 3 web designers in the past and no one can even touch what all Lori did for me!!!  She understands "branding" and she understands the importance of SEO.  Lori made everything so easy for me and she made it fun!  You truly are a website artist!"

    Vicky Bates
    Vicky Bates Vicky Bates
  • Lori is a savvy designer with a great sense of what the client needs.  We love the website and layout and design she created for us.   I highly recommend Lori as a great designer for any business project. Lori has an amazing work ethic, very easy to work with, and very accommodating and friendly personality.

    Laurie Sossa
    Laurie Sossa ALC Global Trading
  • Lori was able to come along side me and really hear my vision, understand my limitations in this area and walk me through a process of eventually reaching the creation of a website that is not only beautiful but functional in the ways that are important to my particular business. She helped me reach my goals and very patiently educated me in the process along the way.

    JoBeth Martin
    JoBeth Martin Owner
  • How often does one make an important business decision and hope that the money spent for consulting services will be worth it? How often can we actually applaud work that under promises and over delivers? Well, that is exactly what happened when I hired Ignite Marketing (Lori Lyons) to refresh and update my personal website: The result of her creativity, expertise and implementation absolutely blew me away when I ‘launched’ the final rendering. Lori kept me informed along the way, professionally addressed/explained all changes and worked diligently to meet our deadline. I would welcome anyone to give her the opportunity to evaluate an existing site, create a new one or simply provide suggestions. The positive feedback I’m getting absolutely justifies and punctuates my original decision!  

    Bonnie Ross-Parker
    Bonnie Ross-Parker Speaker/Author/Connecting Diva
  • “How often does one make an important business decision and hope that the money spent for consulting services will be worth it? How often can we actually applaud work that under promises and over delivers? Well, that is exactly what happened when I hired Ignite Marketing (Lori Lyons) to refresh and update my personal website.

    Bonnie Ross-Parker
    Bonnie Ross-Parker Speaker/Author/Connecting Diva
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