What is a website audit and do I need one?

​Is your website showing it's age? Hopelessly out of date? Are you still running Flash? Does music play when someone clicks on your site? If yes to any of these questions - contact us now - you need a Website Audit.

Audits bring to mind broken eyeglasses, pocket protectors and geeky nerds. That's so not us. We use the term audit to mean taking a look at your current site and making recommendations for improvement. We work with you to determine if you need a new website or can we modify the existing site.

Is it just a matter of tweaking the branding and adding some new content? Is adding a blog something that would work well for your content marketing? Is the design so outdated that just starting at the beginning will be less expensive in the long run?

We love to build websites but only if a website is needed... we can help you determine if you need a new site or not and what the budget should be.

You need a website if... (can you answer these questions?)