When starting a new business or even rebranding your present business there are a million details to attend to in the process. At some point you must come to the conclusion that as a business owner you cannot do everything by yourself.  In recent months I was launching a new Floral Design business. I knew that it was absolutely necessary for me to have a beautiful, interactive and image driven website. Being more of a creative mind, I had a great idea of what I wanted it to look like but absolutely no idea how to accomplish that vision technically.

Fortunately I have a close friend and business associate, Lori Lyons of Ignite Marketing who came to my rescue. I knew that I wanted an interactive and SEO friendly website but that was the extent of my knowledge.  Lori was able to come along side me and really hear my vision, understand my limitations in this area and walk me through a process of eventually reaching the creation of a website that is not only beautiful but functional in the ways that are important to my particular business. She helped me reach my goals and very patiently educated me in the process along the way. She was exceedingly patient and kind with my lack of knowledge and consistently guided me back on track so that we could create a sight that both showcased my work and vision as well as creating a framework for future growth.

With a Floral Design business it is extremely important to take full advantage of visually showing what our company can do for a client. Additionally, it was a personal priority to be able to express to potential clients my philosophy of life and business so that they would come away knowing not just what we do but who we are as well. Lori was able to work with me to create a site that showed all the aspects that are important to me. With her help I felt like I was well prepared to launch my business knowing that I could virtually put my best foot forward and present myself and my brand to the world.  Thanks Lori for your patient guidance and professional work!

“Lori just completed my self-branding website, VickyVBates.com, and I could not be more pleased!  From the beginning, she took careful notes starting with knowing my personality so that my website would represent me personally.  She also created my monogramming logo with my 2 favorite colors, pink – for breast cancer, and the green – for healthy cleaning.  I have had 3 web designers in the past and no one can even touch what all Lori did for me!!!  She understands “branding” and she understands the importance of SEO.  Lori made everything so easy for me and she made it fun!  I am very “right-brained” which means technical stuff is NOT MY THING!  She made this project like picking up my paint brushes and placing color on a canvas just as my creative mind would envision.

I am so excited to share with everyone all the passion that she painted so beautifully from my heart’s canvas to a website.  Absolutely beautiful!  Thank you Lori for all the joy that came out of developing my website just as I had envisioned and for going beyond what I was unable to vision.  You truly are a website artist!”

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