How to Ignite Your Business!

Has it been a while since you’ve reviewed your online presence? Are you taking full advantage of that marketing tool that works for you 24/7? Most companies underutilize one of the most powerful and most economical assets they own – their online presence.


A professional website should not cost a small business owner an arm and a leg. You have too many other costs and challenges.

How We Serve Our Clients

Website Design

Is your website working for you? We help small business owners launch beautiful websites that attract more… more customers, more conversions, more sales. Start winning more customers and leads with an awesome website design built to convert. Ignite Marketing helps you tell better stories. A visitor to your site must know what your company is about. What makes your business uniquely your business? A potential customer to your site spends less than 8 seconds making a decision about your business. What is your first impression?  (Image Credit UsMediaHouse)

Website Audit

How is your current site holding up? Are you attracting your target market? Is your site easy to use? Does it flow? Does the content change or is it static? How OLD is your site? Do you need a new website or just a refresh on an existing website?


Reliability is critical to e-commerce. E Commerce sites require a delicate balance of branding, straight-forward functionality and server security. Ignite Marketing has the expertise to craft a smooth—and sturdy—shopping experience, inside and out.

Mobile Apps

Are you mobile? Apps are the fastest growing digital segment today, and a powerful way to stay connected with your customers. Ignite Marketing offers App Development for both Apple and Android Devices, covering smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. A mobile app is a weapon in a small business arsenal that doesn’t have to break the bank. And… side note… mobile apps are not the same thing as mobile friendly (called responsive.) This means your website looks good on mobile devices. All of our websites are responsive.

Social Media

Social Media is constantly changing and evolving. It used to be that Facebook (who remembers My Space?) was the only game in town. Now social media runs the gamete from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest and many others that are popping up daily. Who can keep track? Ultimately, a business that successfully uses social media – especially in a business to consumer setting – will win. Win more customers, more brand recognition and more sales. Social Media is also a part of the Search Engine Optimization game plan. Ignite Marketing can help small businesses optimize their social media strategy.



Easily said – SEO  – or Search Engine Optimization – is the processes involved in attracting visitors to your website through the search engines – Google and Bing primarily. The goal is for this traffic to come naturally (free) to your site based on compelling content, easily navigated websites, updated and current content and the authority your site possesses. For small businesses, this can be an expensive part of your marketing budget. Or does it need to be? At Ignite Marketing, we have packages that make SEO affordable for your budget and give you options.

Let Your Website Build Your Profits!

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