Frequently Asked Questions

The willingness to work on your branding and the willingness to pay for it.
We can either host your site for you or we can help you find a hosting company. There are many different types of hosting companies with different options. We can help you make informed decisions on what is best for your company.
If you are a small company or solopreneur it is more crucial than ever to have an online presence. A dedicated website provides authenticity to a business. It allows potential clients to see who you are and how you operate. A website works for you round the clock – even when you are in a meeting or sleeping.
All of our websites are responsive – which means they will work across all platforms – PC, Phones, Tablets and even SmartWatches. Keep in mind the sites are mobile friendly which is different than a stand alone mobile app.
You do! You own the site, the content, the graphics – everything!
Most websites can be built and completed in 4-6 weeks. The time frame really depends upon you - the client. Do you provide any needed content or images in a timely manner? Do you turnaround approvals within 48 hours? How responsive are you to questions?
You may not need a complete new one. Many times, content can be repurposed - just maybe updated a bit and content many times is the costly part of a website. Just like fashion, websites have trends and "what's in style." You want your customers to know they are dealing with a company that stays current and on top of their industry. A current website will reflect that idea - that your business is on top of the industry trends.
If you have photos on the site that are outdated - equipment or products you no longer carry. If your dates are not current (including the site copyright date.) Take our Website Audit Quiz and it will give you a good indication if you need a new site.


Ignite Marketing updated my website. I had not updated the website in years. Lori made it easy for me to update and refresh my site. She listened to my needs and wants for the site and provide the perfect solution. It was simple, easy and has upgraded my Children's Center imagine.

Tracy ~ Owner Misty Morning Children's Center


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